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- We are a friendly community, so please be kind and polite in your posts.
- Do not spam any sections of the forum. Any user found spamming will have their account and IP address banned from Autograph Fandom.
- Please do not send private messages to other members asking for home, via venue or private addresses. Any user found guilty of this will have personal messaging disabled on their account, and may face a possible IP ban.
- Please do not post any links to commercials or other forums here. Autograph Fandom is a completely non-profit forum!
- We strive to help and support each other at Autograph Fandom, which means that the authenticity of an autograph is always open for discussion.
- For the safety of our members, and to have a true reflection of our member count, we automatically remove all inactive accounts after 3 months (90 days).

New Members & Inactive Accounts:
- After you have registered, you have one month to start posting constructive posts, otherwise your account will be removed.
- Members who have not posted; not visited or are inactive for more than 90 days (3 months) will have their accounts deactivated.
- If you have lost your password and cannot get a new one, please email us or send us a Tweet (@AutographFandom) with your username. Please do not create a new account unnecessarily - rather keep your old one active.
- Please note that if you have more than 50 posts, we will only deactivate your account and not delete it. Thus, if you would like to return to AF (Autograph Fandom), simply tweet us @AutographFandom or email us, so we can reactive your old account.

Regarding Via Venue Addresses:
- Only members in the Wizards and Jedi member groups (see Member Groups page at the top) can access the "Film & TV Addresses Request" section, and ask for movie set addresses there.
- Please do not ask for Via Venue addresses outside of this specific section, as we will delete any such posts and you will get a warning.
- Once you have 150 posts, you will have access to the "Film & TV Addresses Request" forum, where you will be able to request help for two via venue addresses per week.
- Any member caught posting private via venue addresses anywhere on the internet will have their account terminated and banned.
- Any member caught posting a via venue success on any other website where you have received the information and address through us (Autograph Fandom) will be banned from AF (excluding your personal website, blogs, etc).
- Any sharing of via venue addresses here or on another site through private messaging will get a warning.
- Any new member validating with a history of sharing private via venue addresses will be warned not to do this anymore, otherwise we will not accept your account.

Authenticity Discussions:
- You are entitled to your own opinion, you don't have to believe anyone but please respect other members' opinions too (obviously, if the majority agree it's authentic/secretarial but you disagree, you might want to recheck your facts).
- When commenting on the authenticity of an autograph, please back up your opinion with valid picture proof. If you do not back up your opinion with picture proof, your post will get deleted and you will receive a warning.
- Making comments like "the celebrity gets thousands of letters, it's a secretary signing", "secretaries are trained to sign like the celebrity" or "the celebrity is too famous to sign fan mail" or anything similar are just ridiculous and untrue - that's not proof.
- When posting picture proof of in person autographs, the best site to search for comparisons is Autograph World - they are the most trustworthy sellers on the web.